Encounters on the Road

A Lenten Message Series by Lead Pastor, Rev. Jeff Clinger

The season of Lent is often understood as a time of journeying toward a deeper spiritual life, toward resurrection celebrated on Easter. Through Lent this year we will explore different stories of encounters on the road, look at how the characters experienced God and were transformed, and explore how God might be trying to work for transformation in our lives as well.

Wednesday, March 1st – Ash Wednesday 

Ash Wednesday Services and Imposition of Ashes

12 p.m. Come-and-go in the Chapel.

5:30 p.m. Evening service and communion in the Chapel

Sunday, March 5th

Balaam’s Donkey

Numbers 22:1-23:12 (selected verses)

The story of Balaam and his donkey provides an inspirational image of what it means to be awakened to and respond to God’s call after an encounter on the road. We’ll explore this story and how it can challenge us through the season of Lent and always.

Sunday, March 12th 

The Good Samaritan

Luke 10:25-37

Jesus’s story of the Good Samaritan contains important cautions and challenges for people of faith. We will explore this story, think through the ways in which our lives connect to the different characters, and be invited to more fully show mercy to our neighbors.

Sunday, March 19th 

The Road to Emmaus 

Luke 24:13-35

In many ways, we are like those disciples who first encounter the resurrected Christ while walking on the road to Emmaus. We can be blinded by our own experiences, our own pains, and our own grief in ways that keep us from realizing that Christ walks with us. In this message, we’ll explore the ways in which the risen Christ seeks to connect with us as well as ways that we can be increasingly open to those connections.

Sunday, March 26th 

The Damascus Road 

Acts 9:1-19

The story of Saul turned Paul is one of the most powerful stories of transformation in the scriptures. Through an exploration of Paul’s story, we will look to ways in which we might experience Christ, have our eyes opened, and turn to share the love of Christ with others.

Sunday, April 2nd 

Washing Feet 

John 13:1-17

The story of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet (and the conversation that he has with them around it) invites us to consider what it means to live lives focused on service, not being served. In this message, we’ll think about what this means for our life together as a community of faith and the way in which we as individual Christians engage the community and the world.

Sunday, April 9th – Palm/Passion Sunday 

The Road to Jerusalem 

Luke 19:28-37

As he prepared to make the final entry into Jerusalem, Jesus paused to weep for missed opportunity, for the ways in which people had failed to realize how God was at work in their midst. In this message, we’ll talk about the crux of the Palm/Passion Sunday conflict and the ways that we, still today, live in the midst of the conflict.

Thursday, April 13th – Maundy Thursday 

5:30 Join us for a light meal, followed by a Praise Service in our Fellowship Hall.

Friday, April 14th – Good Friday 

7:30 p.m. Tenebrae Service in the Sanctuary

Sunday, April 16th – Easter

A Well-Timed Bloom 

Matthew 13:31-32 and John 20:1-18

Join us for a joyful Easter worship experience as we celebrate Jesus’ triumph over death! Regardless of how early or how late Easter comes, sanctuaries are always filled with lilies that bloomed at the just right time. In this Easter message, we’ll look at the systems that bring us Easter lilies and talk about the lessons they might teach us about being prepared to experience the resurrection and to bloom at the just right time as well.