Children’s Ministry Update: Sandy Taylor and the Schumacher Family

Our Christmas pageant is only a month away…with stores ALREADY decorated for the season it isn’t so hard to believe. This week we feature Amy Schumacher and Sandy Taylor, two familiar leaders in our 9-3-0 service. Both Amy and Sandy have been musicians on the Praise Team since the service began.

Amy will be singing the beautiful spiritual, “Sweet Little Jesus Boy,” while all of the kids use sign language to help convey the message. Alice Bertels, also a church member, came to practice a couple of weeks ago to help with the signing.

Amy has led the worship at the 9-3-0 service since 1997! She received a degree in Music Therapy from Ohio University and we benefit from her musical expertise. She works for the State of Kansas as a disability examiner. Amy and Anthony’s children are all active in the church. Liberty (who graduates this year!), Eli, Ruby, Grace, and Samuel are involved in church activities. Grace, who was featured earlier as one of our ‘rocks,’ is doing a great job dramatically being the ornery outspoken rock. Sammy who turned 6 on Nov. 7th! will be one of our shepherds in the choir that is spreading the Good News, too. He likes cars, Legos, and Minecraft.

Amy has been one of the faithful forever volunteers during our Wednesday night children’s programming. Despite a full work load and busy family schedule she continues to support her children and the church by giving of her time and talent on Wednesday nights. The name on Wednesday nights has changed from Logos, to FROG, to ZEAL, to the pageant, but she has always been there helping.

Sandy Taylor also received her undergraduate degree in Music Therapy but hers is from Baylor. Many of you know she and composer Mark Hayes were classmates. Sandy received her Masters in Music from Kansas University. Through God’s abundant blessings she enhances our worship as the keyboardist at 9-3-0. Sandy is the accompanist of choirs at Cair Paravel Latin and is often seen playing for ‘gigs’ in our community. Sandy has the skill of performing from very technical written music, but also the gift of playing beautiful accompaniment from a couple of music ideas written on a sheet of paper. Because of her musicianship we are able to add several styles of music to our pageant.

Our pageant is on December 11th following the all church Christmas dinner. Remember that we are looking for angels who can join our heavenly host. Angels should be 2-5 years old and be able to practice with us on Saturday morning, December 10th. If you have any questions about anything regarding the pageant contact Dorothy.

Children’s Ministry Update: Michelle Peacocke, Guardian of the Angels

One of the things we all look forward to in our Christmas Pageant is the moment the youngest boys and girls get to join us as angels. Each year the angels sing, “Gloria In Excelsis Deo!” Translated, that means, “Glory to God in the highest!” With the pageant just over a month away it is time to begin recruiting our little angels. We are asking for angels that are 2-5 years old who would be comfortable flying up to the front of the church and singing glory to God. Some of you with younger children may not have been able to make the commitment to have your child join the older children for the regular pageant practices but you could commit to the one Saturday practice and Sunday performance.

The angels would learn only the “Gloria In Excelsis Deo” and one of the verses from another short song. Angels would need to plan to be at practice Saturday, December 10th from 9:30-11:00 and Sunday for the pageant which follows the church dinner. The angels sit together in the front. If this is something you would like your child to do please contact Dorothy.

This week’s pageant person is the best angel leader in town, Michelle Peacocke. Michelle started assisting with our pageants when I first came to the church ten years ago. Her son, Ryan, shared his dramatic flair with us through several fun pageant stories and so mom faithfully volunteered as drama coach extraordinaire. When Ryan “graduated” from children’s activities Michelle continued to assist me at pageant time and has lately been the angel leader. I never need to worry about those angels with her in charge!

Michelle serves children and our community during the week as a school psychologist in the Shawnee Heights district. Her role as a school psychologist with Shawnee Heights includes being the Early Childhood Special Education Coordinator as well as serving one building K-6. She sang with the Praise Team for eight years before joining the team of Sunday school teachers, where she has been serving as the leader in the music rotation. Michelle also sings with the Santa Fe Singers most Monday evenings to bring music to residents in senior living facilities in the community. This group will also be carolers on the Midland Railway Santa Express. When not singing, Michelle enjoys cooking and knitting (and she often sings while baking).

If you know of a youngin’ that could be an angel, please pass this opportunity on to them so that we can truly have a multitude of the heavenly hosts praising God and saying….

Glory to God!

Pageant People: These Kids Rock!