Scared of Joining a Mission?
Here is some advice from one of our young adults, Devin Morrison,

Devin spoke at service about overcoming her fear, not of mission but of heights, “My favorite part of this trip was...when we went to Universal Island of Adventure...I overcame one of my biggest fears; heights and going upside down...Ever since I was a little kid I’ve had this extreme fear.  To the point it would almost became paralyzing...I sat in the cart waiting for this crazy roller coaster to start and the only thing going through my mind was “‘God, please don’t let this be scary, God please help me be brave, and God please stay with me.’”...and then the ride started…and you know what?  It was awesome!  It was so much fun, I was absolutely laughing on this roller coaster and at one point it was relaxing.”

As she looks toward all the changes that are headed her way this fall with starting college and a new job her outlook is still positive “...if I treat this just like I did the roller coaster, asking God for help and guidance and for him to take away my fears, I can discover that these new life changes can actually be really exciting and enjoyable.  Sometimes I think we just want to have all the control over our own lives we forget that if we give God the control, our lives are so much easier.” 

Devin left us with a closing thought from, Philippians 9:6, “Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanks giving let your requests be made known to God”

You can get over your fear of volunteering for a mission just like Devin did with heights, you just have to put your faith in God and set your worries aside.  Once you do this you may find you enjoy having your world turned upside down.  Your fears will subside and you will find out why mission work is so exciting and enjoyable.



Let's Help

Volunteers serve lunch in downtown Topeka the second Monday of every month.  We also help in their distribution Center.


Our church volunteers at Doorstep.  We maintain an ongoing food drive to help this organization with grocery items needed to sustain their mission in the community.  

Topeka Rescue 

Mission (TRM)

We often hold drives for clothing and other basic necessities for individuals and families living at the Mission.  We also volunteer to serve meals during the week/end and help with worship services.  

Topeka North 

Outreach (TNO)

We help provide food and school supplies  through their Operation Backpack program children are provided with sacks of food on the Friday to get them through the weekends as school lunches may be their only nutritional meal. Volunteers meet once a month to sort, sack and deliver the bags to schools.  

State Street 


see more about our Urban Ministry Program